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command-not-found.com 2022-10-07
command-not-found.com let you find unknown commands [read more]
k8s list failed jobs 2022-10-07
This TIL is about finding failed jobs in kubernetes. [read more]
Zsh Buffer Stack 2022-10-06
Today I learned about the Zsh buffer stack. [read more]
Bund APIs 2022-10-06
The german government offers some nice APIs that are free to use. [read more]
Microsoft Office Icons 2022-10-06
If you're looking for some nice icons. [read more]
Build Multiple Tags At Once 2022-10-06
We can add multiple docker tags at once on build. [read more]
About TIL 2022-10-06
Today I decided to create a new category called TIL. [read more]