Daniel Strufe,
Cloud Operations Engineer, Administrator & Developer.

In ❤️ with technology.

Currently working with:
Kubernetes, GitOps, OpenStack, Docker, Azure DevOps, RabbitMQ, Rancher, Bash, kustomize, Unix, AWS, Go, Java, Swift, iOS, Jenkins, Raspberry Pi, Google Cloud, mongodb, Markdown, FlatCar Container Linux, Vim, macOS, Terraform, AKS, Prometheus, Grafana, cert-manager, helm, Linkerd, keycloak, traefik, Azure Pipelines, VSCode, zsh, elasticsearch, etcd, flux, nginx, Pulumi, Velero, kubespray

My Story 💁‍♂️.

My PGP Key 🔏.

But why dibi ?

My colleagues started calling me dibi because of my initials “db”. db is the main user identifier (email prefix) for my company address so this was obvious.