Today I Learned

This page is an archive with posts about things I've learned about things over time.


terminal shortcuts 2022-11-23
With these neat keyboard shortcuts I am act much quicker. [read more]
explainshell 2022-11-01
At explainshell.com one can easily lookup a shell script and let the page explain what it does. [read more]
canhazip.com 2022-10-31
canhazip.com offers a simple solution for retrieving your public IP [read more]
dua-cli 2022-10-26
Advanced and interactive disk usage monitor for your cli [read more]
Detailed k8s release notes 2022-10-25
A nice overview of all changes in a k8s version [read more]
badssl.com 2022-10-24
At badssl.com you can easily test several TLS certification errors. [read more]
thisisunsafe 2022-10-21
With `thisisunsafe` you are able to bypass your browser security warning. [read more]
tldr-pages 2022-10-10
The tldr-pages project is a collection of community-maintained help pages for command-line tools [read more]
msportals 2022-10-08
msportals.io gives a good overview of all Microsoft related admin portals. [read more]
command-not-found.com 2022-10-07
command-not-found.com let you find unknown commands [read more]